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01. Member's Success

The ultimate objective is about people.
As mankind was created in the image of God, by no means should people be exploited.

Here is an example of such misuse
It is called "Cow Philosophy"
The motivation behind tending the cow is not for the welfare but to collect maximum amounts of milk.
Most corporations base their foundations on "Cow Philosophy".

Atomy's management philosophy is founded on "Baby Philosophy".
A mother cares for her child without expecting anything in return. The fundamental goal is the well-being of the child.

Atomy's objective is to aid people in achieving their goals.
Member's Success is the building block and primary direction of Atomy.

02. Distribution HUB

Atomy pursues "Absolute Quality, Absolute Price".
Atomy has therefore initiated an objective and measures to secure absolute
competitiveness over any other distribution channels.

The range of products are continually expanding from essential cosmetics
and health supplements to all daily life necessities.
Some of these basic necessities have already been launched and production will accelerate.

Atomy will offer fundamental necessities including food categories such as agricultural,
marine, livestock products and confections, clothes and shoes, home items like kitchenware, appliances,
and beddings, insurance products, performance tickets, etc.
Moreover, Atomy will continue to expand into new markets toward globalization.

Not only will we be offering Korean products to the international market,
but will search products in countries that we can provide to the world with absolute quality and price.

In the end, our goal is to distribute everything through Atomy.


03. Premier Company

Atomy is aiming to become a Premier Company.
One of our ideal goals is an "unmanned company".

It is to create a company without manpower, by automating all processes through computerization.
A new concept of work from Atomy.
Real work is to reduce and eventually eliminate tasks and labor.
So when others are trying to figure out how to do the job better,
we think of ways to eliminate labor intensity.

Atomy is aiming to become a Premier Company.
Atomy’s Culture: 1. Principle Centered 2. Accompanied Growth 3. Distribution & Sharing
Our principle centered culture is to fulfill universal human values.
Culture of accompanied growth allows all subcontractors, employees, and customers to succeed together.
Lastly, our culture of sharing is righteous and balanced to establish equal distribution for everyone.

Only top-notch Atomians can construct a top-notch Atomy.
A premier individual possesses healthy a mindset and good morals.
Therefore all educations and seminars conducted through Atomy focus on being a true lady/gentleman with a healthy mindset.

Atomy's foremost principle is Honesty.