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01. Customers' Success

An ultimate goal has to be for the people.
People created as the shape of God should never be used as means in any circumstances.

There is an example where people is used.
It is "Cow philosophy".
The only reason for managing and looking after cows is to milk the cow, not for the cow.
Customer satisfaction of most corporations starts from "Cow philosophy".

Atomy's management philosophy is "Baby philosophy", not "Cow philosophy".
Caring and raising a baby is not an action to get something in return from the baby.

Here in Atomy, we're here to help out customers to achieve their goals, not to take for granted.
This is why Atomy's primary aim is customer's success.

02. Distribution HUB

Atomy pursues "absolute quality, absolute price".
Atomy has therefore initiated an objective and measures to secure absolute
competitiveness over any other distribution channels.

The range of products are continually expanding from the current staples cosmetics and
health supplements into all daily life necessities.
Some of these products are already being launched, and the process will accelerate.

Atomy will be dealing with pretty much everything that makes up life in general including
food categories such as agricultural, marine, livestock products and confections, clothes
and shoes, home items like kitchenware, appliances, and beddings, insurance products, performance tickets, etc.
Moreover, Atomy will enter into all possible countries in the world.

Not only will we be selling Korean products to the international market, but we will also
find products in other countries that we can provide to the world in absolute quality and

This is Atomy's GSGS strategy (GLOBAL SOURCING, GLOBAL Sales).
At last everything will go though Atomy.


03. Premier company

Atomy is aiming to become the premier company.
One of our ideal goal is "unmanned company".

It is to make a company that runs without manpower, by making all processes automated
through computerization.
Concept of working is totally different in Atomy.
What we think is that true work is getting rid of actual work.
So when others are trying to figure out how to do the job better, we think of ways to
eliminate labor intensity.

Atomy is aiming to become the premier company.
1. Principle Centered Culture 2. Culture of Accompanied Growth 3. Culture of Sharing
Principle centered culture is fulfilling universal human values.
Culture of accompanied growth is the culture that allows all subcontractors, employees
and customers to succeed all together.
Lastly, culture of sharing is what we believe to be righteous and balanced and it makes
sure equal distribution to everyone.

In order to become a premier company, first, people in Atomy has to be premier.
A person who has healthy mindset and morals is premier.
Therefore all educations and seminars conducted through Atomy focus on being a true
lady/gentleman with a healthy mindset.

Atomy's foremost principle is Honesty & Integrity.