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Here is a foot step of Atomy Korea starting from 2009

Expanding to Chinese and South East Asian Market

  • December 2015Total annual gross sales of KRW 727 billion (USD 661 million)
  • December 2015Award for Export Exceeding 20 Million USD
  • July 2015Joined the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)
  • March 2015Opened Atomy Singapore (Location: Singapore)

Making bigger vision through sharing

  • December 2014Total annual gross sales of KRW 507 billion (USD 461 million)
  • January 2014Opened Atomy Taiwan corporation

One step closer to becoming a world-class global leader

  • December 2013Total annual gross sales of KRW 333 billion (USD 303 million)
  • December 2013Received 10 million USD exports award
  • November 2013Relocated headquarter to Gong-ju
  • October 2013Hit 100th Success Academy
  • July 2013Built multi organization broadcast system for Success Academy

Leading to establish healthy distribution culture

  • December 2012Total annual gross sales of KRW 232 billion (USD 211 million) : 79.3% increase from previous year
  • December 2012Surpassed 20 million USD of total exports
  • May 2012Awarded with Jang Young-Sil award for Atomy Essence IR52

Heading toward global corporation

  • December 2011Total annual gross sales of KRW 130 billion (USD 118 million)
  • December 2011Received 5 million USD exports award
  • September 2011Opened Canada corporation (Location: Vancouver, Canada)
  • June 2011Opened Japan corporation (Location: Tokyo, Japan)

Preparing a foundation for faster growth

  • December 2010Total annual gross sales of KRW 82 billion (USD 74 million)
  • December 2010Founded Atomy Economic Research Institute
  • May 2010Opened Atomy America (Location: Federal Way, Washington)

New door opening to network marketing

  • December 2009Joined Korea International Trade Association (Membership Number: 30663750)
  • December 2009Total annual gross sales of KRW 23 billion (USD 21 million)
  • July 2009Joined Korea MLM union (#2010-21)
  • June 2009Signed a contract for product sales with Sunbiotech Co. (KolmaBnH)
  • June 2009Founded Atomy CO. (CED: Han-Gil Park)