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Atomy BB Cream | Atomy Philippines

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Product Code P00265
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S917***** 2017-11-02

S770***** 2017-03-29

S626***** 2017-01-15

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Shipping period - Will usually ship within 4-6 working days of receiving payment. Delivery time may vary depending on the area and circumstance.
(unexpected weather, temporary out of stock, overweight order, unmatched order number payment, incorrect address, etc.)
Shipping Area / Delivery Fee
Location Minimun for Free Delivery Delivery Fee Additional Fee per KG
Luzon (Except NCR) 5,000 156 52
Valenzuela (under NCR) 3,000 156 52
NCR 3,000 25 5
Visayas 10,000 56 17
Mindanao 10,000 56 17

** Exclusive of 1% valuation charge.

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Over the counter - Go to any BDO bank to make an over-the-counter deposit into Atomy Philippines Bank account.

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Online Transfer - Members who have savings account in BDO may transfer money online using mobile banking (BDO app) and BDO website.

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Verification of payment is automatic.

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*Indicate the number “1” on “Mode of Payment” part of the slip and write the total amount to pay.


*Indicate the number “5” on “Mode of Payment” part of the slip and write the total amount to debit.

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Cancelling Order - Orders cannot be cancelled once completed.
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Return / Exchange 1. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, all products are returnable within 30 days if the product is in the same condition as when purchased including the product packaging or if you discover the product defects.
2. RETUND AND EXCHANGE FORM is required to email to upon request. Form is downloadable in the RESOURCES
Product cannot be returned/exchanged if: - We cannot accept returns for used products, or for individual items that belong to a set.
- Members cannot return product if:
1. The product exceeded 30 days from the date for purchase.
2. Product is damaged due to the sales rep's responsibility.
3. The value of the product has been reduced due to partial use of product.
4. Wrapping of products which can be duplicated has been damaged.
Application Period for Refund/Exchange - The company will exchange or refund if you notify the company within 30 days of the date of purchase.
Note 1. All return shipping cost (if any) must be paid by you.
2. Products sent to the company without prior company approval will not qualify for a refund or exchange and will be returned to you at your expense.
3. Procedures may vary in jurisdictions where different requirements are imposed by law.

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