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Company Introduction

Going beyond customer happiness.
Fulfilling customer success. We are Atomy.

Atomy Company Profile 2020

A company that has established with keeping fundamental principles. A company expanding out to the world with THE principles. A company that grows with the consumers and shares selflessly.
We are Atomy.

Atomy has continued to grow since its establishment in 2009, has reached global sales of 1.3 billion US dollars, also, accumulated 6 million members.
Beyond the satisfaction of the members, Atomy's #1 goal is customer success.
Atomy's efforts do not cease even today.

Providing high-quality products at an affordable price
Atomy's competitive edge lies in the nature of distribution itself. Atomy strives for providing Absolute Quality products at an Absolute Price. These are the values that Atomy has practiced from its beginning. In all of Atomy's products including Health foods, Beauty cares, Living, Food and Beverage, Fashion, and Household appliances, filled with THE philosophy of Absolute Quality and Absolute Price.
This Atomy's philosophy makes total trusted brand which reformed Atomy as a Consumer Curator.
HemoHIM has recorded the #1 best selling single item in direct selling industry for 5 consecutives years.
Atomy's Absolute Skincare has also become one of the best selling products, which has exceeded the 254 million US dollars of total sales within 3 years of its launch.
The Fame, which has been renewed with Atomy's advanced ingredients and technology, is also loved by the consumers as it encompasses Atomy's product philosophy as well.

Starting with the United States in 2010, Atomy has launched 13 branches in regions of Americas,
Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Atomy is global company that has 6 million members worldwide.

With its constant annual growth, in 2019 Atomy received the 100 million dollars Export Tower.
There are also more than 2,000 seminars held worldwide annually. In these communication platforms are actively performing to find possibility of Atomy's member success.
Atomy continues to prepare for its launch overseas to countries like China India, the UK, Germany, Brazil, and Colombia.
By sourcing products globally according to Atomy's Absolute Quality, Absolute Price strategy and by distributing them through Atomy's global network, Atomy is implementing its GSGS (Global Sourcing - Global Sales) Strategy.

Atomy Park is located in Gongju City, Choongnam Province, is designed according to Atomy’s unique work culture to form a team flexibly according to characterastics of each project.

It is also designed to balancing the work and personal life, to maximize the creativity of employees, and to help the success of the members with various seminars and workshops. Atomy Park will become a home for all Atomians throughout the world.

Atomy's Success System that the company directly hosts the seminars, and allows anyone to succeed regardless of one's personal abilities, is the engine for its growth.
Atomy keeps supporting partner companies to just focus on the quality of the products by paying in cash within one week of delivery, and providing a mutual quality control system. All of such supports foster a healthy cycle of accompanied growth.

Charity is must do mission for every company.
In order to improve the quality life of the society members, Atomy as a company practices sharing, along with its employees, partners, and members.

Wherever needs help, Atomy global branches become one to conduct the charity and sharing, to pursuit of everyone's happiness.
A company that adheres to its principles to create a new culture of distribution.
A company that is trusted by the world as it expands globally. A company that dreams of the customer success, beyond consumer satisfaction.

A company that Cherishes the Spirit.
We are proud Atomy.