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세미나 운영

Atomy Seminar is supervised by headquarter

One Day Seminar
Atomy One Day Seminars are official company run seminars that invite smart-sumers, who consume the absolute quality, absolute price, masstige products, to share company principles, Atomy culture and economics, products, and vision.

Success Academy
Atomy Success Academy preaches Atomy’s vision for fulfilling customer success and masstalism (mass-capitalism), while congratulating promotions, and writing out the life scenario to help lead people to success.
Atomy Open Seminar
The content between Atomy open seminar and one day seminar in Singapore is identical and is held twice a week in Chinese and English to promote activation of business affairs.
  • Date : Please refer to our seminar calendar for more details.
  • Atomy Education Centre (Unit 5007, 12th Floor, A Place Building, Coral Way Drive, Mall Of Asia Complex, Central Business Park 1, Island A, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines)
    ※ Please refer to our seminar calendar for more details