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Management Info

About Dr. Seikh Imtiaz Ali (Abraham Lee)

S. Imtiaz Ali, is currently the Managing Director of Atomy Enterprise India Private Limited. He is responsible for the overall operations of the Company and is successfully leading Team Atomy, in partnership with the distributor leadership, to drive sales growth and achieve Atomy’s lofty business objectives & the powerful vision of its founders.

He is an IITian and was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), South Korea.
He has also worked in both Head Quarters as well as local Offices in India of big global conglomerates of South Korea.
He has a vast & varied experience of handling business activities of almost 30 different countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa.

He is highly adaptable to the demands of the Indian market and is playing a pivotal role in Atomy’s success in India.
Atomy India hopes to scale great heights under his able guidance & leadership.

About Seok-Gyun Kwon

Seok-Gyun Kwon is supporting the operations of the Company
in India as a Director.
He is also serving as a Regional Director of Atomy, Korea.

Seok-Gyun Kwon has a rich experience of over 30 years in direct sales and consumer marketing in South Korea, China and other Asian countries.
With a committed and inspirational vision, Mr Kwon is passionate about mentoring the youth and takes a keen interest in the holistic development of everyone associated with Atomy.

He is much respected for his impelling and motivational approach
towards life which is commendable & exemplary.