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01. Customers’ Success
For Atomy, customers are not simply a means to an end, but rather an end in themselves.

The “Cow Philosophy” is an example of people being exploited as a means.
The motivation behind tending the cow is not the welfare of the cow itself,
but the collection of the maximum amount of milk.

Atomy’s management strategy is founded on the “Baby Philosophy”.
A mother cares for her child without expecting anything in return.
The fundamental goal is the well-being of the child.

In order for our customers to succeed, we must go beyond simply satisfying them.
We must dazzle them, giving it our all to see them succeed.
Through the medium of Atomy, consumers will achieve success
and our business partners will establish successful businesses.

02. Distribution HUB
Atomy’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s leading distribution hub.

The hub is the central unit of a distribution network.
Atomy will secure absolute competitiveness to reach a position
that connects all the manufacturers and consumers in the world.

We will serve the world with the GSGS strategy, adopting products
that have absolute quality and absolute pricing, everywhere in the world.

03. Leading Company
Atomy strives to become the Premier Company.
To do so, we have adopted a management philosophy called “Honesty and integrity is the best policy”.
We will always stay the course of providing consumers with good-quality products at affordable prices.

Not only is the company aiming to be a leading company, but its employees are also walking the same path.
We focus on programs that foster human resources, through which employees learn
that value is added through being honorable and good-willed.

3 Cultural Principles of Atomy for Aspiring Toward a Top-notch Company beyond First-class

Principle-oriented culture

Principle-oriented culture seeks to benefit every constituent of our society.

Culture of mutual growth and cooperation

The culture of mutual growth and cooperation is about a company growing together with everybody.

Culture of sharing

Lastly, the culture of Sharing is about loving and caring for all people around the world.

We are sure that our three cultures form a solid foundation that will ensure our success for the next 100 years.