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Product Return/Warranty & Guarantee Policy

1. Product Return Policy: - Atomy Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd has adopted the following policy, in respect of handling product return and refund. The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear understanding between Atomy Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd and its direct sellers, defining the conditions under which goods may be returned for replacement or refund credit.

2. Objectives of Product Return Policy: - a. Meet guidelines of Direct Selling framework

3. Definitions: -

  1. a. Return(Buyback/repurchase): is the process of a Direct Seller taking previously purchased products back to Atomy, and in turn receive refund by online money transfer through NEFT/RTGS, exchange for another item (identical or different).
  2. b. Refund: Pay back of money.
  3. c. Saleable: Saleable mean, with respect to goods and / or services, unopened, unused, marketable, which has not expired, and which is not seasonal, discontinued or special promotion goods and / or services.
  4. d. Non saleable: Non saleable are products which have been used less than 30%.
  5. e. “Cooling-off Period” means a period of 30 days commencing from the date when the Direct Seller and Atomy enter into an agreement within which the Direct Seller may repudiate the agreement without being subject to penalty for breach of contract;
  6. f. Direct Seller Price: Direct Seller price is a price including applicable tax on which direct seller purchases product from Atomy

4. Conditions for return Atomy, going beyond Customer Satisfaction and bringing about Customer Success.
Atomy pursues simple Philosophy, selling quality products at affordable prices, and allowing its Customer/ Direct Sellers to purchase the right amount at the right time. Masstige is Atomy’s product Philosophy to provide Absolute Quality products at Absolute Prices.
The Refund policy is applicable only for products in saleable conditions, and partially used products (i.e. less than 30%). This policy is not applicable to products that have been intentionally damaged or misused.
Direct Seller may return the products as per below guidelines Buyback/Repurchase conditions:-

Category Condition of product Period Invoice Payment
a. During Cooling off period
b. General Buyback /repurchase (During routine business transactions)
c. Upon termination of agreement/Contract
Saleable 30 days Yes Direct Seller Price
No Direct Seller Price less GST
(GST will be deducted from Direct Seller Price)
Received in damage condition Saleable/Non-Saleable 10 days Yes Direct Seller Price
No Direct Seller Price less GST
(GST will be deducted from Direct Seller Price)
Not completely satisfied with product quality Saleable/
30 days Yes Direct Seller Price
No Direct Seller Price less GST
(GST will be deducted from Direct Seller Price)

  1. • Total products returned can’t exceed the quantity mentioned in invoice.
  2. • Period for products is calculated as the number of days from the invoice date, to till the date of receipt of filled form
  3. • The product is Saleable/Non-Saleable depends on the condition of the returned product as assessed by the inspector at the Atomy warehouse.
  4. • Same product can’t be returned two times.
  5. • The product Return Policy does not apply for Product Catalog, Shopping bags and any other marketing materials

Steps involved for return: -

  1. a. Return form can be downloaded from MY OFFICE under the tab resources if you need any assistance you can call or email Customer Support Centre, details are as under
    Modes Timings Details of Call Centre
    Email 24*7 atomy_in@atomypark.com
    Customer Support Centre Between 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday
    (Except National Holidays)
    0124 – 695-9000
  2. b. Fill details and send scan copy back to atomy_in@atomypark.com
  3. c. Customer Support Officers will compile data for the day & they will send data to logistic department.
  4. d. Logistic department will arrange pickup from members address through end-mile delivery partners.
  5. e. Logistic end-mile delivery partner will call Direct seller and fix appointment for pickup of return product.
  6. f. Once product received, inspection will be done and request will be sent to Finance for refund.

5. Warranty & Guarantee : - Up to 30% used product can be return as per above mention criteria

6. Impact due to return: - Due to return of product following impact will be reflected in a. Personal PV b. Upline Group PV

7. Refund of money - Once we receive you item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will initiate a refund by online money transfer through NEFT/RTGS.

8. Timelines: - a. Inspection – Within 7 days after receipt of material in warehouse. b. Refund – Within 7 days after inspection of material.