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Atomy Seminar

Atomy Seminar is supervised by headquarter

One Day Seminar
Atomy One Day Seminars are official company run seminars that invite smart-sumers, who consume the absolute quality, absolute price, masstige products, to share company principles, Atomy culture and economics, products, and vision.

How to participate in the Seminars

1. Seminar applications are received through the education centers. Members who wish to participate must submit the seminar application form to their designated centers.

2. Please contact your designated centers for more information. Once the center leaders submit the applications, they will be assigned seats in the seminar room.

3. For more information, click on the date from the calendar.

Success Academy
Atomy Success Academy preaches Atomy’s vision for fulfilling customer success and masstalism (mass-capitalism), while congratulating promotions, and writing out the life scenario to help lead people to success.