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Social Media Policy

1. Purpose: his Social media policy has been developed in recognition of the growing popularity of participation in online social media. Atomy Enterprise India Private Limited (hereafter referred to as “Atomy” or “Atomy India”) is supportive of Distributors participating in social media environment to keep in touch with their business beneficiaries and prospects, share information or become involved in online discussions. However, for Distributor who use social media, it is important to understand the obligations when the social media posts and online communication is about Atomy India and its business, products and services, other Distributors or other work-related issue.

2. Social Media: The term ‘Social media’ refers to websites & online tools (including but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, weblogs, Flickr, forums and discussion boards and wikis) that allows user to connect & interact with other people, share content, profile, experiences and opinions.

3. Policy Application: This policy applies to all Atomy India Distributors irrespective of level/status and shall continue to apply even if you cease to be a Distributor of Atomy India. However, it does not apply to personal use of social media where no reference is made to Atomy India and/or such usage has no connection to the Atomy’s Business.
This policy is supplemental to the existing Code of Ethics, Distributor Agreement, Policies and Procedure and Direct Selling Guidelines which are to be adhered by a Distributor while using social media platforms. The user must act ethically, responsibly and professionally and exercise good judgment while participating on social media while ensuring that they do not violate any clause in this policy, Code of Ethics, Distributorship agreement, Policies and Procedure and Direct Selling Guidelines.

4. Representing yourself and Atomy on social media: The user must clearly present/disclose his/her full name and make a statement in a predominate place on the social media platform so as to be identified as an independent Atomy Distributor. The user shall not, through his/her involvement on social media platforms, hold out as representing the Atomy's views in any way. The user must bear in mind that he/she is speaking for himself/herself and not on behalf of Atomy.

5. Be authentic & honest: User should be aware of the effect their actions may have on their Business images, as well as Atomy’s image as the information that is posted or published may be public information for a long time. Thus, the content and information made available by the user shall be true and not misleading in any manner. Be sure that all content associated with you is consistent with Code of Ethics, Distributorship agreement, Policies and Procedure and Direct Selling Guidelines.

6. Promoting Atomy Business Opportunity: Atomy strictly prohibits users from engaging in any techniques for the purposes of customer acquisition or piquing random individuals with whom they have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship(s) with to present the Atomy Business Opportunity at any time. Prospecting customers (i.e. inviting friends or followers to contact you about Atomy’s business, products and services) is only permitted if your privacy settings have been set to a ‘closed social media environment’. For example, if your privacy settings have been set on Facebook to only allow friends to see your posts (rather than ‘friends of friends’ or ‘everyone’), you may invite them to contact you for more information about Atomy’s business, products and services.

7. Using brand images and logos: When participating in any social media platform, using Atomy India’s name, mark, logos or product images on social media is not allowed without prior permission from Atomy. You are permitted to share photos that Atomy has posted, on its own official social media profiles or website, it is highly recommended to validate the information before posting or sharing it with Atomy’s official social media accounts. A professional photograph of yourself is recommended for your profile picture on social media platform as it is always beneficial and important for people to see you in a professional context and would in turn add value to your Atomy business. In addition to this, social media paid advertising is allowed but will need to be approved prior to be listed on any social media platform by submitting a request to Atomy.

8. Be respectful: Always be fair and courteous to fellow associates (whether upline or downline), customers, members, suppliers or people who work on behalf of Atomy. Do not post any content or materials that are obscene, threatening, derogatory, disparaging and malicious or that infringe on or violate, in any way, any law or any right of any person or entity, or any other content that might in any way reflect poorly on yourself or Atomy.

9. Business and product claims: The user shall make sure that any Atomy business and product claims made on social media platform must be accurate and well-substantiated. It is recommended that you share only those business and product information that has been posted, provided or supplied by Atomy on official website or Atomy’s social media accounts. User shall not make any specific product, service, plan, hypothetical or financial earning claims on the social media platforms. Online material that you post must not contain any product, service or compensation-related information, unless shared directly from the Atomy websites, Atomy social media pages, or taken from printed Atomy literature and must be used exactly as printed or written. Atomy strictly prohibits and will not authorize marketing materials that do not adhere to Atomy’s policies, any content or information pertaining to Atomy or Atomy business which user wish to post or publish online must be reviewed and authorized by Atomy prior to being uploaded or shared in a social media environment.
Further, only Atomy shall post updates related to products/notices/meeting details and the like on all SNS platforms. Atomy recommends all its Distributors/Members/Leaders to connect with the company vide all SNS platforms formed by it for such updates. Also, all the Distributors/Members/Leaders shall confirm with Atomy on any update related to products/notices/meeting details and Atomy shall not be liable for any action or omission done on part of the Distributors/Members/Leaders.

10. Forming of social media groups: Atomy reserves the sole right to form social media groups on Social Networking Sites/platforms at any point of time. Further, Atomy reserves the right to delete or modify such groups at any point of time without giving any prior notice of the same.

11. Naming your Social Media Profiles: Users are strictly prohibited from using Atomy’s name, logos, mark or product name as a social media profile name or display picture. Atomy only permits and highly recommend being identified as an independent Atomy Distributor on every social media platform used by the user. Users may not use the name “ATOMY”, Atomy trade names, Atomy product names, or other intellectual property of Atomy (or any variations thereon) in domain names (URLs), the titles for any pages within websites (including, but not limited to, home pages), email address or as a name to any social media account.

12. Posting of Videos on YouTube: YouTube and other online video channel has become an important source of information sharing, the user must be cautious that only the correct business or product presentation are shared and any video made explaining business plan in a manner not as per official literature or by manipulating the plan are not permitted. User are also not permitted to twist fact and figures so as to entice or mislead people any such violation will be severely dealt with and may lead to termination of distributorship.

13. Examples of good practice when using social media: a. Follow/ Like/ Subscribe to Atomy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat and other Atomy social media accounts to stay in tune with correct official communication about Atomy business. It is also recommended to visit Atomy official website at regular intervals in order to be updated with upcoming news and events.
b. You can promote latest offers or stay in touch with your downline/ prospects with correct information and ONLY through your personal page/ profile on social media in which you have disclosed your affiliation with Atomy as Independent Distributor.
c. When in doubt, it is always good to cross check any information you put on social media. Confirm it with your upline/ branch office/ website/ official social media pages.
d. Avoid sending personal messages through contacts details from SNS platforms. Further, if any Distributors/Members/Leaders sends any message to other persons after retrieving details from the SNS platforms then Atomy shall not be responsible for the same.
e. Atomy’s posts and notices posted on SNS platforms shall not be altered or modified to include any other details not approved by Atomy or Distributors/Members/Leaders’ personal details on such posts.

14. Examples of potential breach: a. Do not create pages, websites, accounts or other online avenues to target random individuals for Atomy Business prospects or to sell products.
b. Do not to put any comments like “contact me to join Atomy”, “Join Atomy inbox me” or of similar nature on Atomy’s official social media pages or any random social media pages.
c. Do not use any unofficial Atomy marketing material on social media platforms without prior authorization from Atomy.
d. Do not offer promotions that are not officially offered by Atomy.
e. Do not make claims on Atomy products, that are misleading.
f. Do not post any material that will spoil your & Atomy’s reputation.
g. Any type of comments pertaining to hate or bullying on social media groups formed by Atomy shall lead to a warning and upon subsequent repeated actions, Atomy reserves the right to terminate the IDs of the specific Members/Distributors/Leaders. It is further clarified that all the rights to take necessary actions upon such behaviour shall lie with Atomy

15. Violations of this policy: Violation of this policy shall lead to appropriate actions as per the Company’s Code of Ethics and Principles, Direct Selling Agreement and Policies and Procedures laid down or updated by the Company from time to time. Any violation of this policy shall be reported by Members/Distributors/Leaders to atomy_in@atomypark.com with valid proofs. Further, Atomy shall keep the contact details of the complainant confidential.

16. Governing Law: The Social Media Policy only shall be governed under the laws of India and shall be under exclusive jurisdiction of Courts of Gurugram, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. All actions or proceedings arising out of or relating to these Social Media Terms of Use in India shall be venued non-exclusively in Gurugram. You hereby irrevocably consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of said courts for all such purposes.

17. Changes to Social Media Policy: We reserve the right to update or revise these Social Media Policy, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version on our websites or on the social media channels. Your use of any one of our social media channels following any such change constitutes your agreement to be bound by the revised Social Media Policy.

For more information If you have questions or need further guidance, please contact customer support centre on atomy_in@atomypark.com or call at 0124 6959 000.